“The Burning” Raises Money for Sierra Leone

There are a lot of crises demanding our support right now, and I know Sierra Leone’s mudslide hasn’t been making front page news. But last week, the capital city was destroyed by a massive mudslide that left 500 dead and 600 still missing. More than 20,000 lost their homes and their food supplies for the year. While it’s easy to feel powerless in the face of a crisis like this, I know some of you are seeking ways to channel emotion into action in these difficult times.

I want to offer you the chance to change a life this week.

There’s a hidden forest camp in northern Morocco that’s home to thousands of Sierra Leoneans and other West Africans – thousands of young men and boys who are prepared to risk it all in the hopes of helping those they left behind. But like many of us, they’re feeling powerless. Ibrahima, 16, tells me, “It’s an even greater tragedy to have nothing to send home when our families need it the most. All I can do is look at this photograph of my mother standing over the place where our house was.” Jalloh, 14, breaks down as he tells me about his two sisters who are still missing and his father’s tireless efforts to find them. “Even if they’re dead, my family wants to give them a proper burial.”

Next week, I’m going to help each of the boys from Freetown send a donation home to their families. Between now and then – for the next seven days – every dollar donated to THE BURNING at this link will go directly to these boys and their families.

The average monthly income for a family in Sierra Leone is $30. The average family lives on less than $1 a day. How much are you going to spend today? How much could you spare?